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Passion for perfection

The basic idea of Mounty Island Villas started in 2008 by the architect Eleni Mekali, when she created a private paradise of 7 relax luxury villas in one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Lefkada.

Together with Krystalenia Pouliezou and with our valuable staff, we have created a passionate team full of energy and enthusiasm.

All exceptional private villas have been built and decorated with care and love, respecting the natural environment and combining tradition with comfort.

Our goal & dreams

Mounty Island villas are more than just a vacation destination.

Our goal is to take you to a world where pleasure and relaxation is not just a fantasy.

The attention to each and every detail, along with the natural beauty and privacy, complete the puzzle and make your dream vacation come true.

What about our dreams?
to keep dreaming and creating new ideas!

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About MountyIsland
Private Pool Villas

Welcome to Mounty Island Villas.

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General Commercial Registry : 12507034300

GNTO Registration Number :
Avra, Calma : 0831K10000306000
Nefeli : 0831K91000427201
Iasonas, Ermis, Orestis, Orfeas : 0831K91000439001
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