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Covid-19 pandemic has brought health and wellbeing at the forefront of all our minds more than ever before.

Hopefully that we leaving behind all this worldwide difficult situation, at Mounty Island villas, we value our priority on the safety and well-being of our customers and employees.

We are closely monitoring the Covid 19 situation worldwide and fully understand the concerns about traveling during this period, hence we have been updating our health and safety policy and we strictly implement all procedures according to the official protocol.

covid-19 health measures

Among the health measures are:

  • Safety equipment and rules from our staff (masks, gloves, physical distancing, hand hygiene, health checks to ensure the good health of the employees)
  • Staff education concerning health and safety measures.
  • Should guests feel more comfortable in staff-free environment, preferring a socially distant, we will work out together a plan based on minimum or completely staff-absent stay.
  • The villas will be thoroughly ventilated before check-in
  • Bed linens & towels will be washed in high temperature
  • All hard surfaces along with switches, handles, knobs, keys, and remote controls will be extra disinfected
  • Clean and disinfect thoroughly the bathrooms (sink, toilet, faucet, shower, bathtub and all objects and equipment in total)
  • Hand sanitizer in the villa
Our villas are by definition Covid safe

Covid safe

Our villas are by definition Covid safe, offering privacy and safety from crowds and exclusive use of amenities.

Taking into account what holidays mean to you, we will be here to make sure you relax and enjoy the summer in a safe environment !

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Covid-19 Feel Safe
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